A Little [Un]Friendly Competition

So I just bought some beer – No, that has nothing to do with this blog. But as I was waiting in line to pay, my roommate Kyle and I got into a heated debate about the candy they have waiting for you at the checkout Isle. He proceeded to grab a “Rolo” and I remarked that why would he, amidst the entire selection, settle on having a Rolo. His reply was “I touched it”

Obviously we both found this very funny at first but then I really started to think about it. Who does want a Rolo? Not that they’re not good but when you weigh the options there is almost always something better. Wouldn’t you rather have a delicious Snickers bar or a creamy piece of Hersey’s chocolate? Maybe its just a sign of effective marketing and perhaps I’m underscoring Rolo but I really want to know how some of these other companies manage to compete for shelving space.

The new age candies aren’t helping matters either. I love gummy snacks and Lifesavers just put out a new “Sweet & Sour” product but it just looks like over kill. There are so many exciting new candies that either market themselves along a famous cartoon character to catch kids eyes or are some kind of electronic gimmick with an edible component that I have to sit here and blog about my disappointment in the candy industry

Yes – I’m taking it as my personal responsibility to compel the candy makers of our country to make a new headlining candy. I don’t want any “Well if you don’t like it why don’t you do something about it” because it’s not my skill set. I’m trying to entice the big wigs with the know how to bring Americans a candy product that they can be proud of. Sure M&M’s are great, Skittles will always have a place in my heart and God knows I can’t go a week without Starburst but I would love for a new rival to compete with the candy Gods.


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