Damn Yankees

Who could possibly be upset that America’s favorite franchise is back at the big dance? I choose to rephrase the question. How could anyone possibly be cheering for them to win the big dance. At this point I assume you’ve figured out that this is a post about the New York Yankees and not information about the 80’s band. If it took you this long to figure that out and I’m the bearer of bad news you’re probably in for some more bad news when those test results come back.


So here we are back in everyone’s favorite fall classic and the big dance starts tonight. The New York Yankees matched up against the defending World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Now, as a Red Sox fan there are billions of reasons that I am cheering for the Phillies to win it all this season, and even more reasons why I just want the Yankees so lose. But before I dig deep into that pile I would like to put my sword away and break down why the Yankees belong here.

The have the best team in baseball [luckily for us viewers at home] except perhaps to their rival in the Phillies. The three-man rotation the Yankees are using can only be matched up against the big three that are in Philly. C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett have showed up so far this postseason and if they continue to pitch as good as they have it will be hard to stop the Yankees from getting another ring. They have also developed the perfect lineup for their new “hitter-friendly” arena and the addition of Teixiera is the Reason we’re watching the boys in blue compete for the top prize and not the Red Sox.

When it comes to the payroll issue and the “money doesn’t buy championships” argument its important to really look at the business structure of the Yankees franchise. Not only are they where they are because of the money they spend but if you look at the past recent championship teams you see [outside of the Marlins and the Diamondbacks] it’s not out of this world to see high payroll teams win the World Series. What really sets this Yankees team apart from past “money-loaded” teams is the amount of homegrown talent on their roster. The 2009 New York Yankees have the highest percentage of homegrown talent. More than any other baseball team! Fifty-two percent of the team was born in pinstripes so to speak.  Also the big difference this year is they really played as a team. They went out and bought the pieces they needed to win games and nothing more. They players they got were the components for them and not just good players that they had to outbid everybody to get. It’s also important to remember that that contracts players get aren’t entirely just to win games. It’s a business and the Yankees are as profitable as any other sports franchise. Players are there also to sell tickets, merchandise, advertising and more. When It boils down to it isn’t really not just about winning.

Now they’re mentality of doing whatever it takes to win is admirable but somewhere in this mentality they lost their ability to relate to the public. Their new stadium [with less seats than the old Yankee Stadium i might add] is so insanely overpriced that it’s just laughable. How laughable? Well, during the division series again the Twins the Yankees couldn’t even sell out the seats behind home plate – embarrassing however you try to spin it. In case the Steinbrenner family and associates hadn’t gotten the memo – we’re in a recession. Even the handful of Americans in the Bronx that can afford to buy those seats [1250$ during the regular season] a lot of them would rather spend that money doing or buying something else.

Now back to my hatred for this team. Actually, it’s really just a hatred for the franchise. I’m a huge fan of the game of baseball as a whole and my distaste for the Yankees isn’t totally locked into my heritage. Yes obviously as a native to the New England area I was taught to hate the Pesky Pinstripes before I could even walk. It’s just how things run up there in the promised land. But that aside I actually have a lot of respect for a majority of the players on that team and passionate game time aside I can actually give them credit for their accomplishments. Not to mention Nick Swisher is all around one of my favorite baseball players just because of his attitude and how he carries himself. But I still want nothing more than for the Yankees to go home this season without any more jewelery

So suck it Yankees fans. I’m not sorry I’m praying for your tears to come. I don’t have the tolerance to receive all the text messages that will be coming my way if the Yankees manage to  bring home the big prize again. It’s a little bit more personal every year – I know.

I also do enjoy watching the Red Sox old flamethrower Mr. Pedro Martinez back on his throne. Pedro, go and how the team that still thinks “they’re your daddy” whose boss. I don’t think you will ever have enough strength and endurance to pitch a full season but I know you have enough gas in your tank to shut down the evil empire one last time. Don’t just do it for me and Red Sox nation but do it for yourself and show the world that Pedro Martinez [injuries or not] is still one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. Don’t go down in flames go out on top.

The probably average series [at least in TV ratings] begins tonight and if you’re one of those people on the fence about watching baseball I recommend this time a year to get into it so you can get pumped up to dive deeper next season. There is so much more to it then just throwing a ball and running around a basepath and I urge you to enjoy the science of the sport. You can cheer for who you want I know I’m not convincing anyone to switch their side of the alliance and that not really what I’m aiming for. I think it’s even worse when Yankees fans who grew up cheering for their team switch over to another team. I didn’t talk to my Dad for a week when he turned into a Rays fan and the only reason we do still speak is because I know deep down inside he’s way more of a Sox fan than a Rays fan.

Cheer away, drink your beers, eat your food, enjoy your company and join me in hoping to watch the mighty empire fall this in this fall classic.


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