Can’t We Just Grow Up People

I like Texas. Really I do. But something about this place just makes me lose faith in our species as a whole. Sure, everyone is a bit nicer in Texas [I’m not totally sure I agree with the “everything is bigger in Texas” motto] but the real problem with this neck of the woods is the racism that still exists in our country. Now I grew up in south New Hampshire – luckily, around a very diverse group of people. At no point did I believe it was ok to consider someone less of a human being because of their heritage or their skin color.

This place is a mess. My neighbor has dropped a “hard r” so many times that it would make KKK leaders uncomfortable. It just baffles me that even now, in 2009, people are still just as ignorant about how the world really works as they were a hundred years ago. I really just goes to show that no matter how many universities we build, no matter how many churches are constructed and no matter how many lessons we think we’ve learned, as a whole, our society is still a mess.

The economic downturn we’ve been struck with is certainly a mess and less than ideal. It is nothing compared to the lack of respect for our fellow human beings that I’ve already seen as a daily routine in this area. Now that doesn’t give a free pass to other parts of our country. I know racism is still prevalent in other states too. I’m just here and experiencing it in Texas so I can talk about what I’m seeing with my own eyes.

Texas, for some reason, has added “PI” laws to their law-book. Now a “PI” is a “public intoxication” offense. On the surface that seems like a reasonable law to enforce. The real issue is it has nothing to do with alcohol or alcohol abuse. A “PI” can be given to anyone at anytime, which as you can imagine, gives local police way too much freedom. You can be given a PI for any reason and usually the reason is to take you downtown to get more information on who you are. I know we are close to the border but that is a terrible way to treat human beings and I find it completely embarrassing that the state legislature found it acceptable to compromise human rights to this point. A cop can arrest you for a PI without any signs of intoxication. In fact, you can get a PI for anything. If the cop wants to take you downtown because you look suspicious or because your skin color doesn’t match the officer’s – you can be taken downtown for a PI.

Still believe in the good of humanity? Probably not – but that’s not my point. We’ve made great strides in aiming for equality among races over the years but my point is – sadly, we still have a long ways to go. We need to get to a point where not only is it illegal for a cop to arrest someone for a reason like this but it’s condemned by the masses. It’s so embarrassing that in our modern-day and age,  our local governments have deemed it acceptable to arrest people for no reason. I’ve never seen such a large compromise on our democratic society.

I know everyone out there believes they have a voice – and believe it or not you do. So please make it known to the world that racism compromises our freedom and will not be tolerated. We are a proud people who have lost our position on the global spectrum, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up. We will again reach the top if we’re united under the fact that we’re all equal. Don’t let language barriers and skin colors change your evaluations of your peers. We weren’t all raised with the opportunity to study the English language and God forbid, we weren’t all born white.

Hate on the people who have made bad decisions. Condemn child molesters. They, after all are the only people who can’t be rehabilitated. Everyone else deserves a second chance. So if you are one of those people who give people with a different heritage a hard time and believe that the Arian race is superior to all other races, use today as a new start. Embrace equality and live your life, from this day forward, as a new person who loves everyone for who they are. We all deserve a chance to succeed in life and if we all work together we can make this a better place for everyone. Don’t do this as a favor for me, and in fact, don’t do this as a favor for yourself. Do this as a favor for all the people in the world how didn’t receive any favors today. Do this because you feel there are people in this world who are good honest people and don’t get a chance to live up to their potential because of the ignorance so many people around them attest to.

You don’t have to. You might not want to, but unlike all the opinions I toss around on daily basis – this I know I’m right about. If you choose to continue to live a life of hatred and ignorance you will burn in hell where you belong. If not in an actual hell, [if you don’t believe in God or any other higher power] at some point your castle will come tumbling down and the less fortunate that you have spent your life stepping on will conquer you and you will know their wrath.

Be a better person than that. We are all good in nature and I’m hoping if you are one of those people who haven’t grasped that we’re all good people and worth of success. Maybe, starting today, you’ll change and your heart will grow just a little bit more and you’ll get a little bit closer to your fellow-man. It’s worth it I promise. You may think you’ve lived your life to the fullest – but you have no idea. Goodnight and [as E. R. Murrow would say] good luck.


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