Caught In The Panic Room

Being the hypochondriac that I am, I can empathize with everyone’s desire to get their hand on the Swine Flu vaccination – wait, I’m sorry H1N1. It is flu season after all and the media has told us that if we get this disease we can die. Of course we can die. I was under the impression that we all knew we have the capability to die someday. Well, with the grim reaper in your rear view mirror, I’m here to give you some peace of mind. Chances are, if you do get the “Swine Flu” at all, you’re probably not going to die.

This isn’t the new bubonic plague or the “black death of 2009”. It’s a strain of the flu, which I should remind you, most of us have gotten before. The only reason some people have died from this in our country is the same reason that people die from [other straits of] the flu every year. Some people have weaker immune systems and are unlikely to have the antibodies to fight off flu symptoms. Does this mean you’re going to succumb to the H1N1 “crisis” and you should live your life to the fullest because the end is near? I should slap you for even starting to panic like that.

Actually I should just go slap the media for blowing this up like that. I really don’t even see the benefit of using scare tactics to get everyone so paranoid that every new cough and sneeze could be a path to your demise. It’s not like the government is selling these vaccines at an exorbitant rate and pulling in a huge profit to chip away at our national deficit [which, given the fact that most of us don’t need this vaccine, because we’re not at risk] maybe they should. Not charge everyone, of course not. Pregnant women, children, the elderly, and people with existing complications should be the people to get the vaccine – not everyone. They should have a way to control who is and who isn’t allowed to get this vaccine but people will always look out for their own self interest and we have no way of stopping that. I just don’t see how someone could live with themselves if they were young and completely health and got the vaccine and then we ran out. At that point the people who do really need the vaccine would be left out in the cold and have to be very cautious. All just because some arrogant person felt their life [which probably could have beaten the swine flu anyways] was more important that others. Don’t let that be you.

Maybe my gift to you this morning/afternoon is peace-of-mind. Maybe you’re that much of a hypochondriac that you’re scared that the stomach ache you have makes your immune system low and you’re scared that now your weak and can’t fight off the “swine flu”. If that’s you, you can just close the browser now because there is no one that can save you.

In fact, you know what’s much much worse than getting the swine flu? Living your entire life in fear. Especially in fear of a strain of the flu. I see so many people walking around with face masks. They treat this as if AIDS just became airborne. It’s not lethal folks and if your anywhere between the ages of 16 and 55 and you’ve never had any serious health problems and you consider yourself to be generally healthy… you are fine!

If you’re standing in the line now and you fit that description, and you’re reading this on your I-Phone or Blackberry, just turn around now and go home. Leave the small handful of vaccines that we have for the people who need them. Stop shaking in your boots over a disease that might make you spend a few days in bed – tops. A lot of us will catch a cold over this holiday season and for most of us it will not have anything to do with any H1N1 strain. So open the doors America. Get back out there and push the fear away. That’s not how you want to live your lives anyways. Embrace the fact that your healthy and this in something you have the power over. I’m sick of everyone’s dismal attitudes – our bodies are stronger than you think. Bring it on.

Yahoo! News: Who Should Get the Vaccine


One Response to “Caught In The Panic Room”

  1. Unfortunately, the “people who need it” ie the elderly, sick, pregnant, and young children, are the ones most likely to suffer a toxic reaction to the vaccine. If you care to know more about the history of the vaccination scam, please visit my blog for my latest post on Swine flu

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