All For One And All For… Me.

I hate my job. Honestly, I don’t enjoy any part of what I do. Just to fill you in too I work at a restaurant [That I will keep nameless only in the case that I don’t want to bring their name down or cost myself my job] and while I have done this for my entire career suddenly It’s really starting to take a toll on my personality. The work itself isn’t nearly as bad as most people make it seem. Yeah I know we are essentially the slaves of anyone we get the pleasure of waiting on and I know I get talked down to on a regular basis, but at this point that has nothing to do with it. Sadly I think part of me likes being talked down to now because it always seems that the meaner and ruder people are, the better they’re gonna tip. Also I’m starting to see this trend bleed over into my love life…

But now I’m just rambling. What I really hate about my new job is how it isn’t really a job. This workplace is a microcosm for a socialistic society and I understand now why so many people hate the idea of socialism and why communism failed. Sure, it’s one thing to talk about how un-motivating it would be to work harder than other people and be compensated exactly the same way, but it’s another to experience it. We don’t tip-share, we “work-share”. It’s a baffling concept I know and it makes me sick to my stomach now just thinking about it.

Work-Sharing is almost exactly what it sounds like. We all do each others work. Which, in all reality, makes for a very simple day at work. You’ve never stressed out, you’re never over worked and there is always someone there to help you out. But it’s nauseating to begin to think that I can’t work harder to make more money – I have to play some political game to get “voted” into better sections so I can get higher sales [and, mind you, still depend on the efforts of your co-workers to get my work done]

The service industry is about taking care of the guests and making sure everyone that leaves your establishment leaves happy. This restaurant, __________, does that. But the only reason they can keep the system that have in place running is with the huge loopholes and system of checks and balances they have to keep you in line. You vote every night on who helped you, had the best attitude, who gave you the most support, and who you thought led the shift the most. You also write-up “peer evaluations” where you actually grade your co-workers strengths and weaknesses.

It sickens me to be trapped in this enviroment. I actually miss [I can’t believe I’m going to say thing] the drama of the Ale House, where I worked last, after dealing with all this. I would rather listen to dirty rumors about who is sleeping with who or the stories of my female cohorts blab on about why they don’t like the other women in their sections. It’s always been what restaurants are, which is sad I know, but its a little more refreshing that everyone liking each other and being ok with under-achieving.

That’s actually what it really boils down to and why it just gets right underneath my skin. This job encourages everyone to be average. And they claim that they have the hellish training program that they have to make sure they’re hiring the best of the best. Maybe they do have the best of the best there, but if that’s the case they are certainly under-utilizing their talents. We are all motivated my money and the things we can get from money [Insurance, bonuses, free food, etc] and things that help us become more dynamic individuals. [education, training, etc]

I’ve always pushed myself to be better – to work harder. I’ve always known in my head that the harder I try – the better the results. Here I am now, in what at times feels like a movie, trapped in a strange world where you work hard but don’t worry because everyone has your back. Help them but not because you really want to help but just because you need to play a stupid little political game to keep your job status high enough to pay your bills.

Someone give me an opportunity. I assume you don’t need me to tell you that I’m still out hunting for a better career and I would love a chance to work somewhere that encourages you to do everything within your power to be the best and I’m ready for that chance. I don’t even care if it’s in another restaurant – God know I’ve done this long enough. One more job serving tables will not kill me. Staying at this one for any longer might though.

I’m an economist, a musician, a photographer, a [attempting] writer, and I for one am sick of watching people who are for less ambitious than me have a foot up in the world just because of a little more job experience. Look where experience has brought our country – to its knees! Qualifications and job expectations need to be rewritten and we need to start thinking outside of the box a little more often. Unemployment rates are not going to drop any time soon but to everyone looking to hire some new talent – don’t brush off all the young minds just because you have some people at the same table with more experience. Maybe what you really need is that fresh set of eyes to give you new perspective on the same problems. Maybe you don’t want to be tied down un-training someone on the ways of their old company. Maybe you’ve lost money like so many other firms during this recession and you don’t want to walk into the same mess twice. Give us a chance. let the young minds of this country show you that we have the capabilities to help lead this country back into its prime. All we need is the opportunity to shine.



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