Vampire State of Mind

I enjoy drinking – not that this is really something to brag about, but probably more than most people. I’m not always out on a mission to get plastered or forget my night – I don’t despise myself that much. I just find it a very relaxing state of mind to get my .BAC high enough so that I’m not allowed to drive. Does this make me a bad person? Is this something people should judge me for? Do I stop blogging this post and now and go resister for AA? The answer to all of your questions is a no, followed by I don’t care if you answered yes.

With that being said I really don’t like Halloween. I think it’s because my parents never let me celebrate Halloween as a child [Which, Mom and Dad, made me have to either lie to my friends as a child or be harassed for not liking candy – you wonder sometimes why i’m so cynical], but looking past that I just don’t ever have the drive to get involved. I don’t enjoy dressing up, I party anyways, and I find a girl who’s too easy isn’t usually worth my while anyways.

I actually still think I’ve never had a Halloween where I went all out. The whole “event” with a party, costume, all of it – I’ve never done it all. So you’re probably saying to your self now, “How do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it.” Halloween isn’t a type of food people. I’ve experienced a lot of things during my lifetime – including themed parties, which are a blast. I think the only thing that sets Halloween aside is that it’s a mandatory event. It also doesn’t help that, like tonight, I have to work as I have worked every Halloween since 2001. It makes everything seem even more mandatory and less enjoyable.

If I’m having a themed party [Whatever it may be: anything but clothes party, Pimps n’ Hoes, Glow Party, I don’t care I’m not going to keep listing things] I get to do it when I like. I can have a reason or It can just been for the hell of it. But this one day a year I had better be ready and I had best be in the mood because Halloween is here, Like it or not. You can’t “humbug” me either because this isn’t Christmas and we all know that the only reason it’s still a national holiday is because of the commercial value. Which is also great because God knows our struggling economy can use any boost it can get its hands on right now.

Now, I’m not ripping on the people who embrace it and go all out. That’s awesome. If you are going to do something it’s great that you give it all you’ve got. And even to those who do the same cliche costumes that we see every year [Dracula, a ghost, mummies, cops, all of those], I don’t blame you for your lack of creativity. Maybe you’re like me and can only think of really offensive costumes that will get you into a lot of trouble with someone. [ex, I was going to be Chris Benoit and hang two bloody cabbage patch dolls from my waist] Yes, I’m aware that I have a deranged sense of humor and there is nothing any of you can do about it.

Go out tonight and have some fun if that’s what you have in your itinerary but my point to you is just don’t give the people who don’t dress up a hard time. It’s not because those people are against what you’re doing or because they’re “party-poopers” its just because we don’t care enough, or in some cases don’t care at all. Don’t let that hold you back though. Go out and do what you have to do. Be safe, go wild, rage it up, but do it cause you love don’t do it because its marked on your calendar today.


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