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The Golden Age

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Television has been a staple in American life for over sixty years. The space shuttle, the elections, JFK’s assassination and everything in between, but let’s be honest. Television isn’t about the news, education or bettering yourself. TV is about entertainment and the silver screen continues to get bigger and bigger every year. It’s in its peak and there are so many good shows on now, a lot of which I’m sure you already watch but there are some gems out there that you’re missing and I’m here to remedy that.

Better Off Ted [ABC – Tues 9:30/8:30c]: A story about a man [obviously named Ted] who runs a branch of a research development firm. He struggles between dealing with his wacky co-workers, his dry and demanding boss, his romantic interest in the office and his daughter at home. This show is about to go into its second season and it is way far ahead of its time. In many ways it reminds me of Arrested Development. It has the same dry humor, the same character personalities and the same attitude. In fact it even features Portia De Rossi in one of the lead roles. Season 2 starts on december 9th but if you want to catch up in time, Hulu is streaming the entire first season until that date Continue reading


Somewhere In The Middle

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Why do we trust the opinion of other people we have never met? It’s completely reasonable to trust your mother, a dear friend of even the friend of a friend. Why though, do we trust public figures and celebrities we have never even seen in person?  Oprah is retiring soon and it leaves us with a gap, for some reason, and for the millions of lonely housewives and boring people who have to turn to a middle-aged TV host for book reviews, they will have to find another person to trust. Will it be Tyra Banks? We can all pray together that it won’t. Will Conan O’Brien fulfil his promise and step up to the podium? No it’s just a comedy sketch. Or will NBC go on a hunt for another “Oprah”. I vote we do none of the above.

Everyone needs to start just using their brains a little bit more and stop following the rants of Oprah or any other celebrity that they consider worthy. It’s sad how many people watch daytime talk shows for honest advice and support. Television is supposed to be an entertainment avenue and not some individual’s stranglehold on the American public. Do I have anything personally against Oprah? Of course not. I just can’t believe the amount of power and the vast riches she has collected over the years by hosting a TV show.

Tyra Banks can’t fill her shoes because unlike Oprah, she has no soul. Have you ever taken a minute to listen to her talk? No I mean really listen? absolutely nothing of value comes out. She is a supermodel who has no right trying to become another voice to the masses. All she ever does is laugh at herself and tell us how she invented “smizing” which is smiling Continue reading

Deep Space Nine

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Almost all of my friends will vouch for me when I say that I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. I have this urge buried deep inside me to always do whatever it takes to make my life better. Is that bad? Maybe, maybe not. I’ve quickly realized that it has its perks and its low points but it certainly keeps things interesting. I quit my job at Trudy’s today. I no longer have to deal with the lack of money I was making there while hating Mexican food and playing to their socialistic structure. That doesn’t mean all is well in la-la land. I’m now working the door at Friends downtown and doing promotions there. I’m dealing with an eight dollar an hour job to increase my odds of becoming a bartender on the central strip. While I enjoyed my first night on the job [even though I was standing outdoors in the pouring rain all night and I have no clue how I don’t have pneumonia] I still haven’t increased my earnings and I’m still pretty poor. I can pay my bills, buy some food and enjoy my days off but I didn’t go to college to struggle. I have a few business ideas Continue reading

The Way I Walk

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I have a new opportunity on the horizon and probably have the chance to work downtown in a bar that constantly plays live music with my roommate. Some might call it destiny while others will blame it on luck but in any case it’s exciting.  It makes you think about what you’re doing with your life when you have a change in routine so maybe that’s what everyone else needs. Here’s some five pieces of music to facilitate some changes.

Audioslave: Set it off – The “supergroup” has come and gone but at least they left us with a handful of fantastic track before they left. This song should have been a single and I think it’s one of the best things they recorded [that and “Original Fire] I’d add both to your catalog now. Thank Tom Morello while you’re at it, because everything he touched with an [electric] guitar turns to pure gold.

Cage The Elephant: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Ok, so most of their songs sound the same. That just means find the best one and roll with it. That’s exactly what these newcomers have done. I enjoyed their album but it does get a little repetitive at times. Continue reading

Has It Come To This?

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This is post for me to apologize. I’m sorry if my words and my messages have tricked you into believing that people are generally good and ethical. I’m not sure I conveyed this message at all but if I did I need to give my condolences to anyone who was hurt in the process. Some of you might be saying, “Joshua, why are you all of a sudden so down on humanity?” Well, I have an answer for you but be warned it’s not going to help you believe in our society much either.

I went to Bloomingdale High School in Valrico Florida, and luckily only for my senior year. I was informed when I arrived that it was the number one high school in America. That’s right all of America. Bloomingdale high school wasn’t winning my alliance with this honor though because they were number one for sexually transmitted diseases in a high Continue reading

Obamanomics [Part I]

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That’s the last straw. I no longer have any faith in the American media and I have very little remaining faith in the opinion of the public. President Obama bowed to another world figure and everyone is in an uproar. At first I assumed everyone was upset because he had poor timing or accidentally offended another country’s politician but no it’s far worse than that. Everyone is in an uproar because they see it as a sign of weakness to have our country’s president bow to another country’s leader because it’s a sign of weakness. Wow. Really, Wow. Have we all lost our minds and our perspective? We wonder why every other country hates us, why would ranking in the global spectrum in shrinking and why we are losing our domination over the world. It’s because of the exact opposite of what Obama did. It’s because we have no respect for others and we always assume we are the best, we always assume we’re the most powerful and all we really are is the most arrogant. Obama’s gesture was nothing other than a symbol of respect. Continue reading


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Without taking the time to have any pity for myself and without removing any of the responsibility, I think I’ve figured out why I have romantic entanglements with so many women and can’t take the time to stay in one relationship. I’m not going to use my words to set this up. Instead I’m going to start with a quote from the ending dialogue on last weeks episode of “Californication”. It’s a conversation between the main character Hank Moody and his daughter Becca. She has just discovered that her father is involved with almost every woman in his life and confronts him on his lifestyle.

“You need to tell me why you do the things you do when you know that people can get seriously hurt. […] What do you want me to take away from this, from the way you treat women? Is that all they are to you, walking vaginas?”

“There is no excuse for my behavior. There is no defense if somebody got hurt, especially you. But I need you to know that I started out with the greatest of intentions. I guess I wanted them to all see it. The thing that makes them special. I guess that’s all anybody wants. To been seen to be recognized. Then the lines get blurry, and the fact that your mom and I are in such a weird place. Yeah, hence the big stinking mess. But I’m sorry if I let you down sweety.” Continue reading