Take The Time

Here are today’s five song that you can’t live without…

Bananarama – Cruel Summer: I’m not a big eighties guy and I don’t like a lot of female sings but this is such a great exception to both those rules. This bass driven song will probably be a hit cover soon but until then I recommend downloading and enjoying the classic. The opening riff will hold you through to the end, I guarantee

The Flaming Lips – Watching The Planets: I’ve never seen the appeal of this band. Usually too light for my taste but this raw and chaotic song is fantastic. Their new album Embryonic is available in stores now – check it out if you’re a fan and maybe download a couple other songs first if you’re not.

Weezer – Run Over By A Truck: The perfect song to get you pumped up if you’re having a bad day. We were all let down by their last release but, trust me, Raditude is worth your money. It’s a very fun album and they really got back to their core. Fans and newcomers alike will be pleased with their newest release. Lucky for you – it came out today!

Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg: The title track for the Aussie’s second album is probably the best on the record. They’ve lost a lot of their originality [having switched all the members of the band. Only Andrew Stockdale returns] but they still entertain and while I’d only recommend the album to people with a good amount of disposable income – you won’t be upset with yourself if you do choose to roll the dice.

Muse – I Belong To You: With mixed reviews coming in I want to remind all of you who haven’t heard this album that it’s phenomenal. They are one of the most talented and dynamic groups out there now and this song is one of the best off their new CD “The Resistence”. If I could take the time to review the album I’d probably give it an 8.5 out of ten. Totally worth the money. As a bonus review check out their three part symphony titled: Exogenesis


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