You Have Let Us Down

This is my first post in a new series that I’m calling “I’m Disappointed in you”. These will be posts about things, attitudes and people who I believe are letting down our society. This could be people who have compromising our values and degrading our quality of life. I might attack some “thing” we have in our society that is less than ideal and should be removed from our lives. It may also be an attitude or state-of-mind that needs to be changed for our civilization to continue to progress. It will be a little more offensive to some in this area but some things just need to be said – even if they make some people uncomfortable.

The thing I’m disappointed in today is our environment. That’s right Mother Earth I’m coming after you. Why is it that you can’t just play along and adapt better to our lifestyle? Why can’t we just litter and pollute all we want and you find a way to clean things up? I’m sick of all the responsibility falling on the human race. Sure, we are the only civilized creature on this planet but that doesn’t excuse the cosmos for sitting on the sidelines. It’s time you came into the game to help us be victorious. If Lebron James can’t gives the Cavs a NBA title without a team around him, then there is no way we can save the planet without a “cosmic” Kobe Bryant.

I want you to start with the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. We as a people of Earth were sick of just having seven continents and you just couldn’t help us out by adding some extra land masses. We took things into our own hand – as we usually have to – Earth. I’m not sure most people are aware of the Great Pacific Garbage Dump but it’s getting bigger and bigger each and every day and there is still no way to live on it so we want to say it’s up to you to get rid of it.

This garbage collection is drifting around the Pacific Ocean and is at least twice the size of the state of Texas [Estimated between 700,00 to 10 Million square kilometers] Folks, this is where all the trash winds up. All the plastic, all the waste, all the rubber – everything that we are taught can’t be broken down seems to wind up circulating the currents of the Pacific. We have only been researching this, on any level, since last year and we have no idea yet what to do about this.

This is your call Mother Nature. Use those powers of yours, call on Captain Planet if you have to – we haven’t seen him in years and I’m starting to think he was only a cartoon. If you really want I can add God to the roster, but that would only prove my point that you don’t have what it takes to do this alone. Citizens of Earth, I’m afraid I have bad news – It appears this one is on us again. We’re going to have to clean up our own mess. It’s ok, I’m right there with you. I know we were all under the idea that “mother” earth meant she would clean up our rooms and fix our mistakes but it seems we were lied to. Get ready to try and save the planet one more time people. To you “Earth” – if that really is your name [who knows after the amount of times you’ve lied to us and let us down. You and your tsunamis and global warming] – I’m here to tell you that I’m disappointed in you.


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