Take Some Rhythm With Your Morning Vitamins

I’m in the mood for some hip hip hop you don’t stop. I figured I’d put you in the mood as well with some tracks that keep getting airtime in my MP3 player’s airwaves.

Lil Wayne & Jadakiss: Dear Lord – I always like it when Weezy uses a lot of melody in his jams. This song not only has a great beat to it but the music rocks and has a wicked amount of soul. If you aren’t a huge hip hop fan or don’t like Lil Wayne you’ll still be able to appreciate this track and might open a door to a lot of his other music.

Kanye West: Get By [Remix] – I can’t put together a hip hop with Lil Wayne and not include Kanye too. You get a little bit of everyone on this track. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye, Best Rhymes and more. Mix all that with the great chorus from Talib Kwali’s original track and you have one of the better remixes of the year.

Beck: Ghettochip Malfunction [8-bit Remix] – Mr. Scientology takes one of his jams and turns it into something worthy of any dance party set list. Beck has conquered so many genres over the years and I love how seamlessly he does it. The whole remix album, Guerolito, is worth downloading – this is just my favorite track.

Jay-Z: Run This Town – Yeah I know you’ve heard this song. It’s gotten a lot of airtime and justifiably so. I was so worried that Jay-Z had past his prime after the lackluster “American Gangster” soundtrack but “Blueprint 3” is some of his best work. Don’t download this track – go out and buy the album.

Lupe Fiasco: Never Letting Go – I have no idea which one of Kanye’s mixtapes introduced me to this song but hunt it down. Lupe has done a great job making himself a voice in hip hop. The music is beautifully produced [by Kanye of course] and there is no way you won’t have this song on repeat all week.


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