I have a very messed up mind. Some of the things I would find exciting are just plain twisted and today I’m making a confession about one of those to you that I have told very few people. I think it would be extremely exciting and gratifying to live through an apocalypse. Not the complete destruction of the human race but a catastrophe that would destroy about 95% of the world. I know its sick but I have my reasons.

I think, first of all, it would be a unparalleled level of excitement. Maybe it’s because we watch too many movies that glorify destruction but I think there is something to be said about the fundamental nature we have in our genetic code that drives us for adventure. There is no way to simulate how everything I know and everything I’ve experienced, being wiped off the face of the Earth would feel. [anything outside of the video game Fallout 3] Is it something I honestly wish for? Do I really want our last group of civilized people to have to live in vaults underground while we fight to survive? Of course not. I’m only saying that if i t was going to happen I would love to experience it.

With 2012 just around the corner and the movie [that is starting to look like an orgy of special effects] even closer It just gets me thinking about it sometimes. We don’t want to lose any of our loved ones and we don’t want to see the beauty of the world erased, but I think we all daydream sometimes about what life would be like if our jobs were just to survive and not worry about gossip, work, stress, media – nothing that really doesn’t matter and just focus on living our lives. Maybe that’s what I’m really longing for but only get a chance to dream that through the movies I watch.

If you have an Xbox and haven’t gotten a chance to play Fallout 3, even if you don’t agree with me over the excitement of the end of the world, I recommend playing it. [Play in first-person mode] It is one of the most detailed and dynamic video games you’ll ever play. I haven’t really gotten into any game hardcore since I was younger and played Secret of Mana all the time [to those of my generation who were video game nerds, you will remember this as one of the greatest games ever made] and Fallout 3 has become my new favorite. Probably since it really is the closest I will ever getting to live out my sick fantasy.

I’m not going to go seek therapy and don’t worry I’m not going to plot anything to help facilitate the end of times. It probably wouldn’t be quite as exciting as it sounds and on a realistic level I’m sure radiation and all those other factors would kill me off long before I could really enjoy my adventure. But isn’t it fun to dream sometimes? Even if my dreams are completely messed up and unrealizable It doesn’t mean you don’t relation to the sensation. Take time out of your routine today to imagine some of the adventures you’d like to embark on if you had no limitations and were presented with a chance to do anything. Would it be pure carnal pleasures? Would it be a simple, relaxing vacation? Or are you a little more like me and some of the neurons in your head don’t fire just right? You would much rather battle monsters in a post apocalyptic world or journey into deep space than find comfort in the simplicities of life. Does that make you insane? On a level, of course it does, but that insanity is what is going to fuels you to be great. Don’t assume that just because the things you dream about are dismal or unrealistic. Instead find ways to use your creativity to benefit your life. Write a story, invent something, revolutionize something – don’t let our society’s expectations hold you back. conquer the unconquerable and be ready for greener pastures on the other side.


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