Motivational Melodies

Today is one of those days that just makes me feel like sitting back and contemplating how I’m going to conquer the world – naturally, I figured I would share the music in my library that makes those feelings come to life. Music is here to evoke emotion, challenge our status quo, provoke us, persuade us, and these epic songs do all the above. I also started making links out of the titles so you don’t even have to go far to check out these.

Apartment 26: 88The nineties had a lot of bad music to deal with. This band never really made if far but they had a lot of really good, driving songs. If you grew up during the era of modern rock and you missed this song, I recommend you fix that now. They had a lot of other pretty good songs worth checking out. Do you research on them and don’t skip this one in particular.

Bad Religion: It’s A Long Way To The Promised LandAs soon as the song starts you just have to grin. Not a happy, I’m having a good day grin. We’re talking that half-evil I’m going to conquer the world grin. It’s one of my favorite songs by them and if you haven’t head it change that before you even leave the room.

David Cook: Bar-Ba-Sol – Out of every season of American Idol, this is the only song I have ever loved. It’s such a great off-beat rhythm and believe it or not, crazy I know, an American Idol contestant put out something noteworthy. Check it out

Everlast: Die In Yer Arms This song still has a little hip-hop to it, but isn’t that what we all want out of Everlast after all? The groove doesn’t let up, the chorus is kicking, the lyrics are violent, and it’s get your blood pumping – and today, that’s what I’m selling

Fatboy Slim: That Old Pair Of Jeans – Hands down the greatest song he’s ever had. That’s saying a lot too because I’m a huge fan, but the lyrics are so inspirational behind such a great melody. You’ll be more than ready for world conquest after this one. I promise – I almost get teary eyed every time I hear this song it’s that good.



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