Happily Ever After

If it is supposed to be the happiest day of our life, and if it’s something we all dream about, then why aren’t weddings more exciting? I should be a little clearer – Why are weddings in our culture so ordinary? We come together to celebrate a huge moment, in the lives of one of our loved ones, and it isn’t a bigger party? Everyone should be like me because “I’m Disappointed” in weddings.

We’ve all seen that YouTube video by now. It’s entertaining to watch a bunch of people dancing down the isles because it makes us smile and we are amused by anything that moves rhythmically. For me it was so refreshing to see people who are so excited to spend the rest of their lives together that they basically re-invented how a wedding is supposed to go. I’m praying it catches on and we see more and more dancing at weddings instead of saving it all for the reception. Even on the Office, Jim and Pam [everyone’s favorite TV couple], tied the knot with a hilarious segment mimicking the YouTube dance video. Yes it’s only a TV show but it’s yet another reminder to me on how much we under-achieve on our wedding ceremonies.

Why do we spend so much money to get dressed up and gather all of our friends and family to sit down and “wait for the reception”? I know that’s where the real party is and no one is arguing that. I’ve had a great time at a lot of receptions and a lot of us are damn good at celebrating there – I just think the whole thing should be the biggest party of your life. We laugh at pictures rotating through emails about “costume weddings” where the bride and groom will get weird and dress up like Mario and Princess Peach or something “nerdy”. It’s a little weird sure, can’t argue that, but at least they’re having fun with it. We don’t have to go off the deep end like that but we can kick it up and notch and have a good time with some one and dance. The old traditions were fine then and we don’t have to take it all away but let’s add some pizzazz and energy.

Think about all the weddings you’ve been too and especially the ones where you don’t know most of the people there. Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun if you were dancing around? A wedding really is just as much for the community of friends and family as it is for the happy couple. We all came to celebrate your love not to wait for the open bar at the reception.

I’m nowhere near getting married and maybe you aren’t either, but let that sink into the back of your mind so when the day does approach maybe you’ll be armed with an idea to make it a little extra special. It’s your wedding, so make it unique to your relationship and momentous in its own dimension. If you really want to find a way to make it memorable you’ll do everything possible to mix things up and “liven up” the situation. Dance down the isles, sing songs to each other, dress up in costumes, find your own niche because you [hopefully] only get to do it once and you don’t want to live in regret over the wedding you could have had.

The church atmosphere might have something to do with our sense of reserve but we can throw that out the windows. Being in a church doesn’t have to mean we can’t be loud and have a good time. Last time I checked a lot of churches are exactly the opposite. Don’t let anything or anyone else tell you that it’s not proper either. If your grandmother doesn’t want to take part tell her she doesn’t have to dance but she’s going to have to deal with it – stand up to the traditional ideas of wedding and help me revolt! Weddings be warned – I’m coming after you!


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