Meet Some Friends of Mine

My parents hate South Park. I think a lot of it is a generation gap problem. Yes its offensive, I know, but a lot of the things our parents watch are also offensive. A lot of it might have to do with the cartoons they grew up with. Looney Tunes never pushed the limits and it was just as offensive, if not worse, than South Park. The older cartoons were just racist, sexist, and bias towards certain groups of people. They openly made fun of different cultures and got away with it. South Park bring awareness to social issues, without taking a side in most cases, and doesn’t offend cultures. A lot of these perceptions about the show come form people who have never watched it.  Yeah, I’m aware of the language on the show and the sexual references and on and on. The big point though is if you watch the program with an open mind instead of being scared off by “dirty” words, then you’ll find it’s one of the smarter shows on television.

None of my peers really need to hear this because we’ve now grown up watching the show and we’ve all made references back to it. everything from “Cheesy Poofs” to “They took our jobs!” have become huge pieces of our pop culture and it makes us laugh plenty, but what sets the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, aside from other comedy writers in their category – is their message. While it’s sometimes subtle and told through an analogy, every episode of South Park has a point. No one is safe from their territory either: Christianity, Scientology, Biker Gangs, High School Musical, Pokemon, The Election, and everything else you can possibly imagine. They use satire to make you think about these topics without directly bashing them or attacking people’s values.

You can watch any episode over all thirteen seasons online. If you have never watched the show I can’t push you hard enough to at least give it a try. It will probably offend you if you’re one of the people I’m directing this at who have never watched the show. Watch it with an open mind and try to appreciate it for what it is – satire. If you can’t comprehend this then you shouldn’t watch TV at all and you should start reading books more often so maybe someday you’ll be able to enjoy the art of subtlety.

I suppose the upside to this link, for everyone who already watches the show, is if you love it and you want to relive some of the classics without buying the DVDs – you now have access to them all. Here’s a list of some of the “swings they’ve taken recently”

  1. Cartman tries to change the word “faggot” to mean annoying people who ride Harley’s
  2. Kanye West can’t figure out why he’s a “Gay Fish” and his ego gets the best of him
  3. Cartman wants in on the pirate crisis in Somalia
  4. Butters tries his best at prostitution
  5. The boys start a wrestling federation and battle with a fanatic of the real sport
  6. A pinewood derby match gives us first contact
  7. The economy is angered and we must console it

This is all from the current season, and it’s just a few issues amongst lots of other topics. Already offended? Good. Maybe that’s what you need. We all need to drift out of our comfort zones here and there. How do we expect to grow individually if we don’t hear the opinions of others. Being blind to the other side doesn’t make your side stronger. ignorance is less than bliss and it’s time you all did something about it. Am I saying get your news from South Park? Lord no! I’m saying it will help you see things for what they are – comedy. Nothing is so serious that we can’t look back on it and laugh. It’s the best medicine for a reason. Give it a chance, remove your expectations and just embrace it for what it is. I’m not calling South Park the final destination but it can be an important stepping stone for you as an individual – to fuel your character and to learn whats really important. Well, in this case, which I think is equally as important, it can teach you that some of the things we dwell on aren’t quite as important as we make them seem.


One Response to “Meet Some Friends of Mine”

  1. Really love that series, South Park knows mixing humor and ridicule to expose the taboo of society and is a recipe that works, then saw to it continue!

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