Misery Loves Melody

Having a rought day? Feel like even your mother hates you right now? Well she might but here are some jams to help you cope with the blues.

The Zutons: Why Don’t You Give Me LoveI still haven’t figured out how they didn’t get bigger but the Zutons are a star that shines brightly. This song is relentless in groove and will have you up and dancing even if you’re in the office. They’ve made a splash overseas, and while their last CD was a bust – don’t be surprised if you hear a lot more of this band in the future.

Velvet Revolver: Let It RollAlright, it didn’t last long and not everyone was a big fan of this supergroup. I disagreed with its critics and thought Weiland’s vocals were a perfect complement to the music. Their second album wasn’t as strong as the first but this was one of a handful of great rock songs. I don’t care why they broke up or whose fault it is – I’m just glad they left some damn good rock and roll behind

U2 & Green Day: The Saints Are Coming (Live) – The studio version of this song is crap. The live version has an unparalleled energy to it. It’s not overproduced like the other recording and the crowd adds a huge dimension to it. You’ll have goosebumps.

Talking Heads: BlindI think every girl I met in college hates this song because I used to sing it in my car all the time [My friend Travis can attest to this]. Doesn’t mean it’s not a classic. If you love the band or not this song belongs in your collection. They’re in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame for a reason and this is a great example of that reason.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Storm In A Teacup If you’re one of the nay-sayers who claim the Chili Peppers have lost their soul, you need to check this song out. It’s off Stadium Arcadium, one of their best works, and it really has that raw attitude to it that makes the Chili Peppers so unique. If you haven’t gotten the double disc I recommend going out to the store now.


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