The Cure

I don’t know who has and who hasn’t been introduced to  my friend “Stumble Upon“, so let me dissolve any tension in the room by introducing you all formally to the most distracting computer program of all time. When using Stumble Upon, after programming in your personal search preferences, the program will take you to a random website by simply clicking a button. This is actually a lot more fun than it sounds and way more addicting than any human being can handle. Nicotine and Crystal Meth are easier to quit than “stumbling the internet” is at four in the morning. It will take away your ability to study, destroy your love life and make your normal sleep patterns a thing of the past. I’m here to offer a remedy, or if you will, a sacrifice on your behalf. I will do it for you. That’s right, I’ll give up my free time and I will find you interesting sites in my newest segment, “Let Me Stumble For You.”

1. We are living in dismal times. If for some reason you wanted a reminder of just how dismal things are I found a “map” of the unemployment in our country. It shows the unemployment differences throughout the country and compares it to years past as well. If you’re in a good mood and don’t want to ruin it – you might want to skip off to number two. If you are having an OK day and don’t mind it getting ruined by a 23-year-old with too much free time then you can read about it here.

2. Lord of the Rings nerds unite for this link. It’s actually pretty boring but it’s a cool looking picture of the Earth on a map upside down. It looks like an old treasure man – actually would probably make a cool background. Doesn’t serve any practical purpose but I’m not here for any purpose.

3. We, ironically, waste so much money printing money and I’ve always wanted to know just how much. Yes, I think about things like this when I’m bored… Actually now that I think about it, I think of things like this all the time. Regardless, I found a guide to the money in our country and how much of it is in circulation. Might make you think twice about picking up those pennies – apparently a lot floating around in those pools.

4. If you either love shopping or you’re just a glutton for punishment you probably like going shopping on Black Friday. The long lines, the miserable people, and the failing checkout systems might actually bring a little Christmas cheer to some people. God knows I love it. It’s never too soon to start keeping an eye out for the best bargains of the year. I found a place that lists all the deals as soon as they’re announced. Perhaps you should bookmark this one because, like it or not, Thanksgiving is only 19 days away people.

5. Ok let’s end the night with a little comedy. We all love to laugh at other people’s stupidity – I’m here to embrace and facilitate that. Enjoy folks – you’ll sleep better now that you didn’t have to “stumble”. You’ve learned your pointless facts for the day and gotten some cheap laughs too. If you ask me that compensates for all your sins. Then again I wouldn’t me ask me but that’s your fault in the first place.


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