With One Eye Open

I am beyond exhausted and I can already feel the pillow on my head. However, I don’t trust any of you poor saps to find your own music so I’m still stopping in to guide you before I drift off into Neverland.

The Raconteurs: Consoler of the Lonely – Jack White is one of my favorite musicians. He does it all and he does it well. This rock anthem has some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard in a rock song and its it right on the head. You can have it all and still feel “bored to tears” if you have it alone.

Al Green: Take Me To The River – Bring us back my man. The classic soul jam that you don’t have. I feel bad for you and if you download it tonight it will come with a special limited edition great dream. You’ll feel satisfied and rejuvenated when you goto sleep and you will never understand how you lived your life without it.

Brick: Dazz – The father of all jams. You can dance all night without hesitation if this song is on repeat in the background. I don’t care what anyone says – no one hates the funk.

Bryan Ferry: Let’s Stick Together – I always thought Franz Ferdinand was the most original band ever until I found this and realized they’re a great band but they’re sound was this twenty years ago. He was so far ahead of his time but the good thing is we can enjoy it now.

Desert Sessions: I Wanna Make it Wit Chu – The original version of the Queens of the Stone Age cover. This recording has so much more grit and soul that the second version. So smooth and groovy – you know you can’t resist.


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