Daily Dose Of Pessimism

Welcome to the great land of opportunity. The home of the free and the brave. This is the golden age of prosperity right? If you don’t like who you are or the circumstances you’re facing – just change it. If there is a will there’s  way! Well, if there is a will there is usually a thousand other people with the same will and a huge resistance to that force. Our hopes and dreams are not always something attainable. In fact, often our dreams are so far from reality that they border on insanity. I can attest to that feeling. My entire existence is a fantasy, filled with delusions of grandeur. The older I get, the more dynamic my imagination becomes. At times is feels like a burden. It’s difficult to focus on the horizon in front my me when I daydream all day long. When you know you are supposed to be concentrating on more important things it really can take a toll. Then again I think the reason I’m a much happier person than most others, even on my bad days, is because I live in a different world altogether.

I don’t want everyone to think I’m insane. I don’t have alternate personalities playing out in my mind, I don’t swell on the dangers around me and i haven’t developed any sort of paranoia. All I do is think about entertaining scenarios, unlikely events and the world-famous “what ifs”. Now is that healthy? Probably not on all levels but it fuels my creativity and builds my character. As with anything, you have to take the good with the bad.

It does take a toll on my relationships though. Not because I’m always fantasizing about women more beautiful than the ones on my arms because I’m not. It’s a burden because my optimism affects my judgement. Instead of just seeing people for who they are and making rational decisions around that, I assume everyone can change and I make it my personal battle to see to it they change for the better. If this worked in my favor most of the time I’d find it worthwhile but instead I’m just let down and disappointed by the people [in this case the women] around me who don’t have the drive to develop into the person they can be. Again, I’m not talking about changing people’s personalities of twisting them into the person I want them to be. I’m talking about helping people dissolve their bad habits, improve their character, and take chances in life before they realize all their opportunities have passed them by. The people I date and the people I surround myself with are the kinds of people I love for who they are, but usually those same people are dwelling in so much self-loathing and despair that they need some sort of sunshine in their life.

We all have people like this in our lives – Not everyone can be as optimistic as we are. That’s where our job kicks in though. Some people will never live up to their potential and that’s just how the world works. Some people’s failures and bad habits will transform into disappointing lifestyles and depressing stories, but there are so many people out there that, with the right push, can evolve past their “dark side” and become better people. So don’t give up on all the people letting you down. I know it’s hard at times because it’s frustrating – but sadly, at times, you’re going to have to know when to cut your losses – as hard as it may be. As sad as this statement is, it’s still how the world works: “You are the only person you are going to be with from the day you’re born until the day you die. No one else gets to experience the whole ride, so make sure you enjoy it.”


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