I Heart Music

Since I just wrote a blog about love perhaps it’s appropriate to post a few love songs for the romantics in the crowd tonight. I’m not sure why I’m in the mood considering me and my roommate have done nothing today except play video games but there you have it. Maybe loves songs isn’t quite the right word either but you’ll get my point.

Foo Fighters: The One – We all need to celebrate the moment and no one knows living in the moment like Dave Grohl. The Orange County Soundtrack [my sleeper pick for the top ten soundtracks ever] yields this hard-hitting anthem about the girl of all girls, “The One”. [Also – this is a great video! So good in fact that I had to include their live version on Letterman with Jack Black.]

American Pearl: Amphetamine – This is one of those songs that makes you say “why wasn’t this a single?” The LA band has long since this broken up but at least they left us with a classic.

Arctic Monkeys: The Bad Thing – One of the biggest bands in the UK is starting to make some [good] noise here in the states. I love this song, and while it’s a big masochistic, I think it will be in your MP3 player before the sunrise. The link is for a demo – I couldn’t find the finished version online, but I still dig it.

Burden Brothers: If You’re Going To Heaven – Such a great song and one of my favorite lyric pieces ever. I’m not going to give you the link to this song I want you to go out and buy this album. I’m not joking – In my top ten albums of my lifetime. It’s that good.

Guns ‘n Roses: This I Love – God should probably damn me for recommending a song from the new GNR but I really love this ballad and I think it’s the only good thing Axl Rose will ever have his hand in again. Might even be my wedding song someday if that certain girl tolerates it. Axl is also a total douchebag and no one can put his music online so here is a recording of someone else playing the piano piece [still beautiful]


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