Back In The Game

I was beginning to think my lack of internet was the Lord Almighty telling me not to waste my time blogging, but then I remembered to plug the ethernet cable back into the wall because I had taken into the other room for my Xbox. Now that I’ve finished embarrassing myself – here are some songs for you.

The Ink Spots: I Don’t Want To Set The World On FireThis is the theme song to Fallout 3 and it sounds like an old american songbook ballad. It’s in mono sound and just has a very unique vibe to it, and that is probably because it’s authentic which is something we take for granted nowadays. The ink spots were an african american group during the 30’s and 40’s so it’s a chance for you to experience song roots of modern music.

Them Crooked Vultures: Scumbag BluesDave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones unite for a breathtaking journey into the future of music. Just as I was beginning to think things could only go downhill from here some of the gods in the rock world have stepped up to gather the sheep and lead the flocks. If you need some groove tonight and you need some rock and roll, just be grateful I’ve shown you the path. The link above is just an attachment to an instrumental promo. The album comes out this Tuesday.

Easy Star All-Stars: With A Little Help From My FriendsThat’s right folks, the great new reggae band has covered our beatles favorites on their new album “Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band”. Might be my new favorite cover band and you haven’t lived until you’ve checked this music out.

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez: Mundo de Ciegos – Mars Volta’s frontman has a new album out and this prog-rocker doesn’t hold anything back. It’s chaotic, melodic, and intense. It’s in spanish and it almost sounds more natural that way. Check out something new and get a taste of the heavens on this smooth flowing jam.

LCD Soundsystem: [45:33] Track 2 – This smooth jam that was designed partly as a workout tape is phenomenal and part two is the perfect song to add to your iPod to run to, to dance to, to get intimate to, to party to, there is no bad time to play this song.


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