Be Grateful I’m Here

My body is reject everything near it and I can’t shake anything off but the one thing it still loves is music so here’s a little remedy consisting of mostly melody. I even threw in six today just because I was feeling cheery.

Estelle: Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)Such a beautiful blend of modern hip-hop and easy listening – not to mention Estelle’s voice is like smooth molasses. It’s a great song with a fantastic beat. I don’t like a lot of female singers but she is an exception.

At The Drive-In: Cosmonaut – Absolutely brutal song. Out of this band’s ashes came Mars Volta and Sparta but before those creative giants At The Drive in did a marvelous job of merging progressive rock and hardcore music. If you haven’t been introduced to this group before – you’re welcome.

Methods Of Mayhem: Crash – Mr. Tommy Lee is a maniac and it comes through in vivid colors on this track. It’s a beat-bashing, head-banging, adrenaline rush and I’m going to warn you now not to put this in your car.

Michael Jackson: Get On The Floor – This is my favorite MJ Song ever recorded. It takes us back to his early days with Quincy Jones and will make you remember why he’s so respected in the music community. “Off The Wall” was probably a better album that “Triller”. Just saying…

Kings Of Leon: Crawl – Ok, so they’re getting really big really fast and I’m not on board yet but I do love this track. They have a lot of potential and I hope they don’t turn into the next Pearl Jam and they find a way to separate themselves with their own unique sound.

Temposhark: Joy – I’m not sure this band will ever become noteworthy because their new CD is really super gay. On the upside at least they recorded this awesome electronic jam. If you never listen to anything else they record you’ll still be ok in my books but this track is worth your time.


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