Has It Come To This?

This is post for me to apologize. I’m sorry if my words and my messages have tricked you into believing that people are generally good and ethical. I’m not sure I conveyed this message at all but if I did I need to give my condolences to anyone who was hurt in the process. Some of you might be saying, “Joshua, why are you all of a sudden so down on humanity?” Well, I have an answer for you but be warned it’s not going to help you believe in our society much either.

I went to Bloomingdale High School in Valrico Florida, and luckily only for my senior year. I was informed when I arrived that it was the number one high school in America. That’s right all of America. Bloomingdale high school wasn’t winning my alliance with this honor though because they were number one for sexually transmitted diseases in a high school. Pretty shocking I know. At sporting events the school would be mocked by the opponents  for its promiscuity and not that fact that the teams were often quite pathetic.

I think I found the root of this evil. A friend of mine informed my that the girls at this school would keep track of what they called a “sex tree”. When I first heard the term I was just a confused as you are now. As it turns out a sex tree is a diagram that links your sexual partners to all the sexual partners of theirs. You become member of the same “sex tree” if someone you’ve had sex with someone who has had sex with that person as well. The girls at this school would actually keep track of this information as if it was going to be on the SATs. It was just as big a part of the social structure of the high school apparently as much as Prom or study hall.

I don’t even know if i can use the term shocked because nothing shocks me anymore. I’ve been incredibly desensitized to everything. That’s the fault of the media, the people around me, my personal experiences and things I hear in the news. But this is just so offensive to me because it makes sex even less important [which, in today’s society, is becoming very hard to do]. Sex, according to these girls, is a journey to become close to your girlfriends and not an experience in personal intimacy. I almost threw up when this concept was introduced to me and I think it’s the first thing I’ve found offensive in years.

Can was all please try to add value to some of the experiences in life instead of draining it out of everything that we consider important. Sex, at the very least, is a personal experience between two people. Forget your opinion on values, ethics, right and wrong, and any other personal conviction and just think about it. Think about how offensive it would be to compare sexual partners with your friends and find out that everyone you’ve been intimate with has also been intimate with all of your friends? Where is the line? Can someone please fix this before we completely lose touch with the very essence that makes the human experience worthwhile? I can’t do it alone and don’t look for the answer to come out of Bloomingdale High School and the filth that infests it. I have made a lot of dear friends from that school and, like anywhere, isn’t entirely destroyed but it’s close.

Is there a lesson to take out of this? For most of us no. I suppose most people don’t behave like this and don’t turn relationships into diagrams and pictures. I think we just need to learn to hold true to the ground we stand on. Don’t get involved with childish things that make a mockery of things that can be sublime. Don’t compromise things for your friends, or at times merely apparent ones. If you’re not comfortable partaking in something immoral or just plain offensive and stupid, don’t. Walk the higher ground and be proud that youre doing it. It’s never to late to right the ship either and don’t let people tell you that you are a bad person and cannot change. We’re all bad people and we’re all capable of suppressing that. [and by bad I mean we look out for our own self-interest over everyone else, which can be viewed as greed and therefor bad. I don’t agree with this but you see where I’m going] Don’t let excuses develop into personality traits. Instead embrace change and become a better person today so you can enjoy a more enriched tomorrow.


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