The Way I Walk

I have a new opportunity on the horizon and probably have the chance to work downtown in a bar that constantly plays live music with my roommate. Some might call it destiny while others will blame it on luck but in any case it’s exciting.  It makes you think about what you’re doing with your life when you have a change in routine so maybe that’s what everyone else needs. Here’s some five pieces of music to facilitate some changes.

Audioslave: Set it off – The “supergroup” has come and gone but at least they left us with a handful of fantastic track before they left. This song should have been a single and I think it’s one of the best things they recorded [that and “Original Fire] I’d add both to your catalog now. Thank Tom Morello while you’re at it, because everything he touched with an [electric] guitar turns to pure gold.

Cage The Elephant: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Ok, so most of their songs sound the same. That just means find the best one and roll with it. That’s exactly what these newcomers have done. I enjoyed their album but it does get a little repetitive at times.

Chemical Brothers: Galvanize – How can you go wrong with Q-Tip rapping over one of the greatest electronic acts of all time. This song won them two Grammys for a reason. You probably have heard clips from an old Budweiser commercial but the song is so much better.

David Gahan: Kingdom [Digitalism Remix] – I can’t find the re-mix on YouTube but most torrents should have it. It’s a great song in either condition but become epic after its tweaking

Genesis: I Can’t Dance – Yes, even Genesis had some noteworthy songs that should survive the test of time. I am not a big Phil Collins fan but he shines on this track. Kills it in fact.

Peter Griffin: Rock Lobster – Couldn’t Resist


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