Deep Space Nine

Almost all of my friends will vouch for me when I say that I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. I have this urge buried deep inside me to always do whatever it takes to make my life better. Is that bad? Maybe, maybe not. I’ve quickly realized that it has its perks and its low points but it certainly keeps things interesting. I quit my job at Trudy’s today. I no longer have to deal with the lack of money I was making there while hating Mexican food and playing to their socialistic structure. That doesn’t mean all is well in la-la land. I’m now working the door at Friends downtown and doing promotions there. I’m dealing with an eight dollar an hour job to increase my odds of becoming a bartender on the central strip. While I enjoyed my first night on the job [even though I was standing outdoors in the pouring rain all night and I have no clue how I don’t have pneumonia] I still haven’t increased my earnings and I’m still pretty poor. I can pay my bills, buy some food and enjoy my days off but I didn’t go to college to struggle. I have a few business ideas to get my in control of my life but I need to stop procrastinating and start succeeding. I need to channel my energy and enthusiasm into something creative that I can profit from. The anxiety I deal with roots from my inability to live up to my potential. If I don’t start fixing that problem now, start doing that today, I’m going to be disappointed in myself and my future.

We’re all still young and full of excuses but don’t let simple pleasures in life and distractions interfere with who you want to become. Even in the state that our country is in there is an enormous amount of potential lying around, waiting for someone to grab the opportunity and run with it. It’s a struggle and a battle but it’s not un-winnable. There is always the hope of victory, we just have to start fighting the right battles.

Go out there and figure out what you’re good at and take off. Don’t study “business” simply because it will earn you the biggest paycheck when you get out of college. Don’t keep the job you have merely to build your resume and to be a “stepping stone” to the career you dream of. Make it happen by taking chances and following your intuition. If you don’t trust your intuition then that’s where you need to start. Find a way to believe in yourself and find a way to turn that belief into actions. Life was meant to be exciting and fulfilling so make it those things by become the person you want to be.

Don’t count on the support of others either. It’s nice to know your friends have your back but that won’t always be the case. I’ve moved away from everyone I known twice now in my life and while it hurts to leave when things are so good, but I can’t imagine my life without the chances I’ve taken. It’s rewarding to explore the world and develop into more of a person than you expected. As depressing as it sounds we all need to remember that we, our individual self, are the only person who gets to enjoy our entire life for what it is. Love the people around you and embrace their love in return but never compromise what you want for someone else. The journey has already begun and the journey only gets better from here on out.


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