Somewhere In The Middle

Why do we trust the opinion of other people we have never met? It’s completely reasonable to trust your mother, a dear friend of even the friend of a friend. Why though, do we trust public figures and celebrities we have never even seen in person?  Oprah is retiring soon and it leaves us with a gap, for some reason, and for the millions of lonely housewives and boring people who have to turn to a middle-aged TV host for book reviews, they will have to find another person to trust. Will it be Tyra Banks? We can all pray together that it won’t. Will Conan O’Brien fulfil his promise and step up to the podium? No it’s just a comedy sketch. Or will NBC go on a hunt for another “Oprah”. I vote we do none of the above.

Everyone needs to start just using their brains a little bit more and stop following the rants of Oprah or any other celebrity that they consider worthy. It’s sad how many people watch daytime talk shows for honest advice and support. Television is supposed to be an entertainment avenue and not some individual’s stranglehold on the American public. Do I have anything personally against Oprah? Of course not. I just can’t believe the amount of power and the vast riches she has collected over the years by hosting a TV show.

Tyra Banks can’t fill her shoes because unlike Oprah, she has no soul. Have you ever taken a minute to listen to her talk? No I mean really listen? absolutely nothing of value comes out. She is a supermodel who has no right trying to become another voice to the masses. All she ever does is laugh at herself and tell us how she invented “smizing” which is smiling with the eyes. Tara, you didn’t invent the “sexy” eye look all you did is put a stupid name on something that has existed since the dawn of civilization. You deserve no credit and you should have your show taken away immediately before you brainwash another poor housewife into thinking you have any credentials. you sicken me and I hope you never do anything other than model again.

That seems to be ok though. We don’t seem to care about people’s qualifications anymore. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it right? That makes sense. The only problem is we’re letting people take steps out of the process and just doing things before they know what they’re doing. Micheal Strahan and Paris Hilton can apparently act, Girls from The Hills can apparently sing, Any celebrity you can imagine apparently can try out for a dance show, and politicians can hire prostitutes. Too soon?

We need to start setting up bigger boundaries so we can stop this trend of erasing the need for talent. Right now as long as you have the money you can make anything happen. you can sing, dance, act, buy whores, whatever. It doesn’t matter what your background says or even what your current track record says. We have enough special effects, auto-tune, advisors, and diet pills to make anyone believe anything. You know why everything around us is dying? Why so many movies bomb, so many cds sell nothing and so many TV shows don’t make it past their pilot? Because no one is original and no one has talent. Obviously I’m being slightly melodramatic and there is still talent out there but I don’t even think it’s the majority anymore. I think most or music acts and especially a majority of hip hop acts should  never be given the light of day. But if you can sell one single and push out one dance hit then there is a label willing to compromise their values one more time and continue to cannibalize their own industry.

I don’t want to turn on TNT and see another boring courtroom TV show where the main characters solve every crime in a twenty-five minute time span. I don’t need to watch more dramas about cops and their struggles to keep work and their personal life separate. No one needs another single mom show either. Music isn’t ant better. The vocal rock era needs to end. Shinedown has become the poster boy for a dead genre. Hip hop doesn’t need anymore catchy dance tunes for one hit wonders. They need more artists that develop into superstars. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Pitbull who can release more than one good track a decade. Movies have been ruining great scripts too. The Island had so much potential until Michael Bay vomited out the production it became and G.I. Joe because a bunch of douchbags jumping around on green screens instead of the nice “heroes” they’re supposed to be. It’s a shame that so much gets ruined and so much crap gets a start at all.

The world is changing and at times it appears to be rotting too. We are doing nothing to make sure the best of the best succeed and instead we’re telling everyone to go do it. Folks, if you don’t have the talent then go do something else. Find what you’re good and thrive but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re good at something your not. Don’t push too hard in one direction if you’re not making any headway. Sometimes it’s best to look around and weigh your options and focus on what your best at. Soujah Boy I’m talking to you too. Stop pretending your stupid dance moves and cheesy lyrics are worth anything and stop telling yourself that your  not the worst thing to happen to hip hop since Vanilla Ice. I’m sick of the lack of A grade talent and we all need to find a cure for mediocrity.


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