The Golden Age

Television has been a staple in American life for over sixty years. The space shuttle, the elections, JFK’s assassination and everything in between, but let’s be honest. Television isn’t about the news, education or bettering yourself. TV is about entertainment and the silver screen continues to get bigger and bigger every year. It’s in its peak and there are so many good shows on now, a lot of which I’m sure you already watch but there are some gems out there that you’re missing and I’m here to remedy that.

Better Off Ted [ABC – Tues 9:30/8:30c]: A story about a man [obviously named Ted] who runs a branch of a research development firm. He struggles between dealing with his wacky co-workers, his dry and demanding boss, his romantic interest in the office and his daughter at home. This show is about to go into its second season and it is way far ahead of its time. In many ways it reminds me of Arrested Development. It has the same dry humor, the same character personalities and the same attitude. In fact it even features Portia De Rossi in one of the lead roles. Season 2 starts on december 9th but if you want to catch up in time, Hulu is streaming the entire first season until that date. If you don’t know what you’re missing watch the trailer here. Just be aware that it’s going to drive you to be hooked.

The League [FX 10:30/9:30c]: Now I’m sure your one of the millions of people who watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and then turn off the TV instead of watching The League. I used to be the same way but one I watch the pilot I had to watch all the other episodes the same night because it’s just that funny. It’s about five guys and the drama that develops around their fantasy football league. You don’t have to be a  football fan to enjoy the show though because it doesn’t have a lot to do with the league itself other than the glue that holds this group of guys together. I know the commercials on Tv look terrible but trust me – it’s a lot funnier than it seems

V [ABC returns in Mar 10]: I’m not a big drama guy. Usually if I’m taking the time to watch television or pop in a movie I want to laugh instead of dwelling on either people’s drama and problems. Every now and then there are exceptions to that rule. V is a show about an alien contact with Earth but the problems around the general publics opinion of their appearance. The mystery grows with each episode and you don’t know who is a good guy and who’s out to destroy the human race. If you’re like me and you love anything that has to do with the end of the world you’ll love this show.

Californication [Showtime 10/9c]: The greatest show on television now. David Duchovney plays a sex addict, a school teacher, a father, a boyfriend and a writer all in one character. The comedy is relentless and so is the Duchovney’s “Hank Moody”. If there is one show out there that you should commit to now it’s this one. Season one and two are on DVD and season three is airing now on Showtime and can be watched at

Here’s a quick list of shows that I’m assuming you’re already watching but if for some reason you’re not you should watch them now.

  • The Office
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Community
  • Family Guy/Cleveland Show
  • Stargate Universe
  • Heroes
  • Modern Family

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  1. Hey, that’s some hot information you got there. I love Modern Family! You can watch it online at I’ll be sure to check out your blog more often!

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