Burning Down The House

Everything we try is not going to work. Everyone we get to know isn’t going to stay near our hearts forever. Everyplace we work is not going to use us till our hearts give out. This doesn’t mean we can’t collect our resources as we travel along. The people, places and things we surround ourselves with aren’t supposed to last an eternity but that doesn’t mean they belong in the trash. Even loves lost, jobs quit, and friends forgotten can be huge influences again later in life and you’ll regret it a lot if you can’t call back someone you’ve scorned in the past. This again doesn’t mean every door we close will shut quietly. Sometimes the conflict comes naturally but we have to allow others to win the battle at times like these because it will make them more likely to apologize and do something kind for you in the future.

It seems like it should be easier for everyone to just “get along”, but as I can’t seem to emphasis enough, everyone just wants things to happen without ever having to put an effort forth. People will stand in your way. Most of the time these people were once allies who have been scorned or forgotten. The worst enemies are people who were once on your side. The easiest way to avoid this danger is to do your best to keep these people in check [as militaristic as it sounds] and stop them form crossing over to enemy lines. This doesn’t mean staying close with everyone, but be careful how you handle relationships, especially romantic ones.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.” It’s a cliché for a reason. Nothing will float over your head and create more bridges that you can’t cross than a destroyed love interest. It’s not just the inability to communicate with that person anymore. It’s the lost friends, the “un-connectable” connections, and the opportunities that will never arise just because you made the wrong choice. Yes, life is very much like a game of chess and even the small moves the pawns make can completely change the outcome of the game.  If you take others for granted and roam around without regard for the other people around you then you are going to skip by life, not realizing how much more of the world you could have seen.

I am what some people call a “rolling stone”. I not only enjoy moving from city to city, but a times I feel driven to do it for the rest of my life. There is just too much out there in the world for me to stay content, stagnant in one city. So I constantly uproot myself and take my story on the road and write the next chapter with new surroundings. Even with this attitude on life, I have never dismissed anyone in my past and burned a bridge. Sure, I’ve naturally lost contact with a lot of good friends and even rarely talk to a few of my lifelong friends but all of those people know they are always welcome at my house, and I know I could call most of them now and have no trouble catching up on the phone. Even my girlfriends of years past continue to call me to vent, catch up, tell stories and even occasionally for advice. It seems like a burden to some, but it’s extremely rewarding to keep solid connections with the people you used to spend time with.

Just try harder. I think that’s the overall message. We are way to quick to toss others away like spoiled meat. It’s a telling sign of our culture and shows that as a society we have very little respect for others, but it doesn’t have work like this. War is inevitable but we can keep it at bay in our own lives. We don’t have to dismiss everyone who lets us down. We don’t have to attack everyone who hurts us. We don’t have to spread lies about people who betray us. Things aren’t always easy but the high road in every social situation will lead to a more fulfilling life and endless possibilities for the future.


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