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Love is Not Lost

Posted in Love with tags , , on March 22, 2010 by JoshuaJDrew

“Girls are like
apples on trees. The best
ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don’t want to reach for
the good ones because they are afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground
that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples
at the top think something is wrong with
them, when in reality, they’re amazing.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along, the one
who’s brave enough
to climb
all the way
to the top
of the tree.”

I really wish I could give credit to the author who wrote that, but unfortunately the only reason I found it is because of my Stumble Upon and the insomnia it bring into my life. Now what I really have to say is that we need to stop trying to simplify love and relationships in one line of prose. This is cute and romantic but it’s not really how the world works. These girls who are “good apples” are the ones dating the guys who just figured out the don’t have to climb the tree, they can just go get a ladder. Not to mention the problem with apples is you never can really tell what’s inside. Some of the prettiest apples are the kind of apples that put out too much or the kind of apples that make you sick and throw up all night. And what about people who are allergic to apples? What do they do? Pop a bunch of penicillin and just pray for the best? Absurd in every facet and it’s time to accept there is no analogy for love.

You know why we all keep trying to simplify love? Because none of us really understand it at all. Those of us who think we have a grasp on it have never experienced it and those who have touched it have had it taken away and are ready to compromise the world to get it back. Those people are wrong too because love should never have to compromise. Maybe the best way to define love it to figure out everything that love is not.

Love is not jealous.

Love is not deceptive.

Love is not submissive.

Love is not hesitation.

Love is not angry.

Love is not sadness.

Love is not bitterness.

Love is not lost.