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Our Third Biggest Concern

Posted in Life In General, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 5, 2010 by JoshuaJDrew

So, in my constant hunt for musical talent in the “Live Music Capital of the World”, I’ve found that this city is just like any other city, but with more people aiming high. A few extra bodies that think they can achieve greatness and don’t let the despair of others drag their spirits down. I applaud their perseverance and I’m glad I’m not alone in my quest for the sublime. It’s out there and it’s unfortunate that more of us don’t strive for more than mediocrity.The problem arises when the attitude doesn’t have a match the altitude. Just because we want something better doesn’t often mean we are willing to reach a little higher and grab what we desire. Procrastination is this country’s second worst enemy. Apathy might be the worst. I don’t want to talk to you about those. I want to talk to you about the third most pressing issue because it’s what’s been on my mind lately. This problem being the lack of role models in our society.

For example, I put out an ad looking for other musicians in the area. In a traditional ad like this there is a section listing the band’s influences. This is normally where I would have to take the time to figure out which artists, that I grew up Continue reading


Dog Days

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I have never loved animals. I’m just not a “pets” kind of guy. I don’t have any resentment towards them or any real problem with the other species, I just don’t have the desire to harbor one of them in my own home. Maybe it’s because the neighborhood dogs chased me around relentlessly when I was a child, maybe it’s because my younger brother thought it would be neat to toss a cat at my face when I was a kid and leave me with a permanent scar or perhaps it’s the horrible allergic reactions I get from them, but the verdict has been rendered. I have no need to own an animal of any kind.

Maybe I would be more interested if pets offered a little more utility. I just feel like I’m doing all the work and they get all the reward. I work to pay for their food, their treats, cleaning supplies and probably other investments [depending on which creature you connect with]. I also have to spend time with them, when to be completely honest, I don’t like spending time with a lot of the people I spend time with so why, pray tell, would I want to add someone else to my itinerary that offers me nothing in return.Buy me a dog that can hold my wallet for me or a parrot that can remember all the passwords I have on my computer and I’ll talk this subject over again. If Garfield wants to eat all the lasagna he needs to start doing his part in the kitchen. Continue reading

I Heart Music

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Since I just wrote a blog about love perhaps it’s appropriate to post a few love songs for the romantics in the crowd tonight. I’m not sure why I’m in the mood considering me and my roommate have done nothing today except play video games but there you have it. Maybe loves songs isn’t quite the right word either but you’ll get my point.

Foo Fighters: The One – We all need to celebrate the moment and no one knows living in the moment like Dave Grohl. The Orange County Soundtrack [my sleeper pick for the top ten soundtracks ever] yields this hard-hitting anthem about the girl of all girls, “The One”. [Also – this is a great video! So good in fact that I had to include their live version on Letterman with Jack Black.] Continue reading

The Cure

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I don’t know who has and who hasn’t been introduced to¬† my friend “Stumble Upon“, so let me dissolve any tension in the room by introducing you all formally to the most distracting computer program of all time. When using Stumble Upon, after programming in your personal search preferences, the program will take you to a random website by simply clicking a button. This is actually a lot more fun than it sounds and way more addicting than any human being can handle. Nicotine and Crystal Meth are easier to quit than “stumbling the internet” is at four in the morning. It will take away your ability to study, destroy your love life and make your normal sleep patterns a thing of the past. I’m here to offer a remedy, or if you will, a sacrifice on your behalf. I will do it for you. That’s right, I’ll give up my free time and I will find you interesting sites in my newest segment, “Let Me Stumble For You.”

1. We are living in dismal times. If for some reason you wanted a reminder of just how dismal things are I found a “map” of the unemployment in our country. It shows the unemployment differences throughout the country and compares it Continue reading