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The Golden Age

Posted in Life In General with tags , , , , on November 29, 2009 by JoshuaJDrew

Television has been a staple in American life for over sixty years. The space shuttle, the elections, JFK’s assassination and everything in between, but let’s be honest. Television isn’t about the news, education or bettering yourself. TV is about entertainment and the silver screen continues to get bigger and bigger every year. It’s in its peak and there are so many good shows on now, a lot of which I’m sure you already watch but there are some gems out there that you’re missing and I’m here to remedy that.

Better Off Ted [ABC – Tues 9:30/8:30c]: A story about a man [obviously named Ted] who runs a branch of a research development firm. He struggles between dealing with his wacky co-workers, his dry and demanding boss, his romantic interest in the office and his daughter at home. This show is about to go into its second season and it is way far ahead of its time. In many ways it reminds me of Arrested Development. It has the same dry humor, the same character personalities and the same attitude. In fact it even features Portia De Rossi in one of the lead roles. Season 2 starts on december 9th but if you want to catch up in time, Hulu is streaming the entire first season until that date Continue reading



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Without taking the time to have any pity for myself and without removing any of the responsibility, I think I’ve figured out why I have romantic entanglements with so many women and can’t take the time to stay in one relationship. I’m not going to use my words to set this up. Instead I’m going to start with a quote from the ending dialogue on last weeks episode of “Californication”. It’s a conversation between the main character Hank Moody and his daughter Becca. She has just discovered that her father is involved with almost every woman in his life and confronts him on his lifestyle.

“You need to tell me why you do the things you do when you know that people can get seriously hurt. […] What do you want me to take away from this, from the way you treat women? Is that all they are to you, walking vaginas?”

“There is no excuse for my behavior. There is no defense if somebody got hurt, especially you. But I need you to know that I started out with the greatest of intentions. I guess I wanted them to all see it. The thing that makes them special. I guess that’s all anybody wants. To been seen to be recognized. Then the lines get blurry, and the fact that your mom and I are in such a weird place. Yeah, hence the big stinking mess. But I’m sorry if I let you down sweety.” Continue reading