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Our Third Biggest Concern

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So, in my constant hunt for musical talent in the “Live Music Capital of the World”, I’ve found that this city is just like any other city, but with more people aiming high. A few extra bodies that think they can achieve greatness and don’t let the despair of others drag their spirits down. I applaud their perseverance and I’m glad I’m not alone in my quest for the sublime. It’s out there and it’s unfortunate that more of us don’t strive for more than mediocrity.The problem arises when the attitude doesn’t have a match the altitude. Just because we want something better doesn’t often mean we are willing to reach a little higher and grab what we desire. Procrastination is this country’s second worst enemy. Apathy might be the worst. I don’t want to talk to you about those. I want to talk to you about the third most pressing issue because it’s what’s been on my mind lately. This problem being the lack of role models in our society.

For example, I put out an ad looking for other musicians in the area. In a traditional ad like this there is a section listing the band’s influences. This is normally where I would have to take the time to figure out which artists, that I grew up Continue reading


The Good, The Bad, and the Dying

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I’m not sure why but I get so personally offended when people try to recommend bad music to me. I actually don’t even like it when they ask my opinion on it either. One of two scenarios will unfold. I will either offend them by telling them details about why I dislike it, or they will get irritated that I dismiss their question. I think the easiest way to handle this issue is to explain why bad music irritates me so much. That way if anyone is really interested in my opinion after that, they will at least have a solid grasp on my point of view.

Music is the most passionate art form in existence. It’s raw elegant structure and enchanting¬† melody are the easiest way to connect to our core. Music moves us, music inspires us, music is the root of so much magic and beauty in the world. It’s something that everyone holds so dear and yet we are slowly destroying it.

I’m not talking about downloading music. Taking music off the internet, or “stealing”, as it is so incorrectly tabbed, is redefining the market for musicians but it isn’t the root of the problem. The real reason we have lost our ability to make good music is because no one cares enough to do anything about it. It has become such a struggle for money and the Continue reading

God Put A Smile Upon My Face

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Is the real reason that I was to be a successful musician so that I can go to my high school reunion and smear my success in Sean Conlon’s face? No, of course, Sean my dear friend, I will enjoy that someday. I didn’t have any real enemies that I want to go back and spite, I don’t entirely care about the finances. Sure, being financially independent would be fantastic and it’s something we all want, but it’s not a goal of mine. The idea of becoming a celebrity is almost nauseating to me – so why do¬† I continue to move around the world in the hopes of “making it”? because I don’t think I’m destined for anything different and I would always regret not trying if I chose to stay put and settle down somewhere.

I cannot possibly argue with anyone who says I’m probably not gonna make it. While I find it extremely dismal that my own friends and allies would immediately shoot down my hopes and dreams; I still know full well that they’re right. The music industry isn’t a business where the most talented succeed. It’s a combination of musical ability, marketability, and being in the right place at the right time to become something really successful. Lots of people can make a career out of being “local heroes” but that’s not something I’m aiming for. This venture of mine is going to be do or die trying.

Well, there also is the degree in economics I got before I moved out here so that if I do fall on my face I won’t have to be a bartender for the rest of my life. Not that I have anything against people who choose that career path – I just know full well it’s not what I want to do. I also plan on starting a record label once I find the startup capital to get it going. This will, of course, probably take me a few years but I have already began planning the steps and I have a unique business model that I think has the potential to revolutionize thew industry. No, I’m not going to get into details about it because I don’t want to be the fuel to someone else’s success. In the meantime I’m here in Austin trying to connect to the music community and spend this year determining if it’s the right place to give it a shot or it I need to shuffle off to another town.

What have you done with your life? Are you out there really doing what you want to do? Are you studying something you love or just majoring in business because it has the potential to pay well. Folks, believe it or not, anything you want to do can become profitable. You don’t have to study something boring and never enjoy your life. No one wants to work for the weekend – you need to set yourselves up to be able to work out of passion. If you love something like music, photography, fashion design, filmography, sound editing, computer programming, or even cooking – don’t let the concern over your future income hold you back from happiness. I studied economics because it’s what made sense to me. I’m grateful I did it because it has enhanced my personality, gave my intellect a stimulus and allowed my analytical side to grow ten fold. Economics however is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be a writer [thus the blog] and I’m now taking the steps, even though I have already finished college, to make sure that I can do that. Music is my number one goal and who knows maybe I’ll find something in the music industry that involves me being a writer, but what I do know is I’ve become very happy with the choices I’ve made. If you can’t say the same thing it’s probably time to make some changes.

I know what it’s like to need the paycheck. I served and bartended my way through school and didn’t get the chance to take an internship. That is making it more difficult for me to land a good job but it doesn’t mean I made the wrong choices. Sometimes we need to take jobs that we don’t like in order to make it to the last stepping stone. Maybe that’s where you are now. That’s ok. What you need to focus on though is that all these pieces in the middle are just that – stepping-stones. So don’t get caught up in the money you are making now if it’s not something you want to do for the rest of your life. Venture out and explore the possibilities. The job of your dreams might not be as hard to achieve as you think.

If you are already settled down and don’t think there is anyway for you to do this; Maybe you’re middle-aged and you have a family, maybe you don’t have a support system to fall back on and don’t see an escape route to your lifestyle, or maybe you just fear that leap of faith; remember, There is always a way and there is always a path to happiness. Don’t get caught in a trap just because of your previous choices. Take classes at night or on the weekend if that’s all you have available, look for networks around you that you can connect with, find support to help you achieve your goals, look for opportunity in different places, and while you’re doing this make the most of your day-to-day situation. We only get to live this life once so let’s make the most of this situation and start that road trip on the way to a sublime state of mind.