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Our Third Biggest Concern

Posted in Life In General, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 5, 2010 by JoshuaJDrew

So, in my constant hunt for musical talent in the “Live Music Capital of the World”, I’ve found that this city is just like any other city, but with more people aiming high. A few extra bodies that think they can achieve greatness and don’t let the despair of others drag their spirits down. I applaud their perseverance and I’m glad I’m not alone in my quest for the sublime. It’s out there and it’s unfortunate that more of us don’t strive for more than mediocrity.The problem arises when the attitude doesn’t have a match the altitude. Just because we want something better doesn’t often mean we are willing to reach a little higher and grab what we desire. Procrastination is this country’s second worst enemy. Apathy might be the worst. I don’t want to talk to you about those. I want to talk to you about the third most pressing issue because it’s what’s been on my mind lately. This problem being the lack of role models in our society.

For example, I put out an ad looking for other musicians in the area. In a traditional ad like this there is a section listing the band’s influences. This is normally where I would have to take the time to figure out which artists, that I grew up Continue reading


Obamanomics [Part I]

Posted in News with tags on November 18, 2009 by JoshuaJDrew

That’s the last straw. I no longer have any faith in the American media and I have very little remaining faith in the opinion of the public. President Obama bowed to another world figure and everyone is in an uproar. At first I assumed everyone was upset because he had poor timing or accidentally offended another country’s politician but no it’s far worse than that. Everyone is in an uproar because they see it as a sign of weakness to have our country’s president bow to another country’s leader because it’s a sign of weakness. Wow. Really, Wow. Have we all lost our minds and our perspective? We wonder why every other country hates us, why would ranking in the global spectrum in shrinking and why we are losing our domination over the world. It’s because of the exact opposite of what Obama did. It’s because we have no respect for others and we always assume we are the best, we always assume we’re the most powerful and all we really are is the most arrogant. Obama’s gesture was nothing other than a symbol of respect. Continue reading